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Blues And Jazz


Jazz and Blues


  • Jazz, Hip-Hop, Blues
    The third and final American musical tradition is Hip-Hop/Rap music. Hip-Hop/Rap came into being around about 1978. Rock n' Roll music was extremely popular and was very much a part of American culture, but it had long lost its Afro-American association and the Blacks were eager for another style of music to call their own.

  • History of Jazz Harmony
    This is, I hope, an interesting tidbit of history: A few years ago, while writing my doctoral dissertation, I interviewed Jerry Coker, who was one of the very first to hold a full-time positon as Jazz Professor in a college or university.

  • Jazz Danceshoes
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  • Jazz Guitar
    As babies, we were only able to make rudimentary noises to communicate. Years later, hopefully, we are able to form intelligent rational thoughts and convey them with our words using articulation and phrasing and word combinations to mean many things. We want to apply this to our guitar playing.

  • Jazz Dancers
    From 1958 on, Davis was searching for a way to play more motivically and to be less constricted to running chord changes while improvising. In the process, he became captivated by Ravel's various devices.

  • Live Jazz Streaming
    Discuss a rider with the band. Are you supplying refreshments for the jazz band? Although not expected refreshments are very much appreciated especially if the band is on site for a while with no access to food and drink. If it is not convenient don’t worry. If the jazz band knows in advance they can make their own arrangements.

  • Rhythm and Blues
    Essentially new jack swing for the 1990s, hip hop soul took the style further towards a pure hip hop sound, usually accompanied by a nervy, gangsta rap-esque image.

  • Holy Hip-Hop
    Though little in stature, Lil iROCC has a big impact on the holy hip-hop community. At 16, he is both the youngest HHH artist and the youngest music executive. In 2004, iROCC, along with his dad and mentor, “Big ROCC,?established their own label, Authority Music.

  • Hip-Hop
    Hip-hop has scores of individuals with arrest records; not too many engineers and doctors coming from this crew. Shootings, stabbings, drug-dealing, death, are routine along with horrendous social messages. Fast money, quick sex, low-class treatment of fellow citizens are the messages over and over again.